Let Your Questions Transform You

Transformation is in the air! The energy is both exhilarating and scary as life as we know it transforms from the inside out! I have spoken to numerous people who are selling homes, changing careers, leaving relationships that no longer serve, and genuinely, deeply re-evaluating their lives.

The poet David Whyte in Threshold: Navigating the Difficult Transitions of Life speaks of “the questions that have no right to go away.” My sense is that many of you have consciously or unconsciously been exploring this type of question. These questions are the ones that spring from somewhere deep inside you. You find yourself contemplating them without forethought.  They wake you up in the middle of the night and seductively whisper to you throughout your day. They make you wonder if you still believe what you have believed up until now. These questions are the ones that we are almost afraid to speak out loud because if we ask ourselves these questions consciously, we are sure to get the answer, and the question itself portends a change in our daily lives!

Questions that have no right to go away are those questions that arise from your soul. They arise to inform you that a whole life cycle has come to a close within this incarnation and it is time to express the new you! These questions can only be avoided for so long because your soul has you on a particular schedule and it will not allow you to dilly dally for too long

It seems that many are getting to these pivotal moments where life can no longer carry on as it has. Most people get one such transition in a lifetime, but for many, this may be the second, third or even fourth go-round with this degree of life alteration. To those who are experiencing life transformation for the first time, let me just say: “It’s going to be all right.” From where you sit you may have no idea how that could be true, but I promise that you are simply being “course corrected” by your soul. You won’t know that for certain, however, until a year or two from now.

To those who have been through this level of transformation at least once before, let me remind you that you did not physically die the last time, and you probably won’t this time either. Again, it is just those parts of you that no longer reflect what you have become that are dying. Granted, I know there are moments when the “death grip” feels very real, so go easy on yourself.

If you have gone through this level of personal transformation a few times before, this round is most likely still bringing up those annoying core wounds that you just can’t seem to get away from. Having been through this level of transformation more than a few times myself, let me suggest that your core wound issue will most likely never completely go away. It represents a beautiful vulnerability and a level of humility that is required if you are to embrace the totality of your humanity in this incarnation.

No matter what level of personal transformation you are experiencing, please count yourself blessed. Nothing changes in our outer landscape until it changes in our inner landscape, and you must have worked diligently to bring you to where you now stand! Regardless of whether you perceive this experience as comfortable, or as challenging, it still is confirmation that your soul is gaining access to the reins of your life. Once your body, mind, and soul align, there is not a whole lot that can stop you from living the experience you have waited lifetimes to live.

The life experience that I am referring to here has absolutely nothing to do with reaching the pinnacle of societal norms for success.  It has nothing to do with gaining the right partner, bank balance, or career ladder.

Once you get comfortable engaging the questions that have no right to go away and allowing the answers to have their way with you, you finally get the opportunity to live YOUR LIFE! Meaning, you begin to live authentically according to your deepest desires and awareness. You know when you begin to live YOUR LIFE because no matter how it is expressed, you feel alive! It feels like a gift; even when there are challenges; this is a life that stretches you in ways that are exhilarating; this is where you find yourself completely present to your daily life, not because it is perfect, but because having grown into this life, it feels like YOURS! Once experienced, there is not a moment of YOUR LIFE that you want to miss.

Sometimes, the bravest thing we can do is to question our current reality, dream about what we would like to experience, and let fall away whatever prevents that from happening. It sounds so easy but can often take lifetimes to accomplish. I wish nothing more for you than that you let the questions that have no right to go away be heard and considered. Those questions are specific to you. They are gifts from your soul, and if you are courageous enough to let them in, they will guide you to your most authentic life. Please let them have their way with you! Remember what’s good for you, is good for humanity!