It’s Time to Shine!

Welcome to February! Can you feel that energy? Are you seeing yourself in a new light or being asked to consider a new (internal or external) direction?  Are you ready to jump, but don’t know where to?  Maybe you feel like you’re in a holding pattern or have to get something done before you can express yourself fully.

If you have been hiding or waiting, sensing that you have something to contribute to humanity, but are still unsure what it is or unable to believe what your internal guidance is telling you, it’s time to believe in yourself!  It’s time to let yourself imagine the possibilities that only you can dream into being. The only way to create without interference from past conditioning is to place your attention squarely on what you now desire. When your mind tells you a story, remind it that you have the desires that you do for a very good reason. What is good for you is good for humanity!

It’s time to give yourself the benefit of the doubt, embrace what you love, and what you know to be true, and to honor your fears in the process. You are the only one who can express the totality of you! If you don’t do it, who will? No one! Because no one else can express as you.

There is a unique aspect of each of us that I will refer to as our inner beauty. All other parts of us are dying so that our uniqueness can shine – meaning, that every single part of us that is not willing and able to shine dies off so that our unique inner beauty can light up our path!  Those deaths can be beautiful, or they can be painful depending on how we perceive the experience. We are designed to live our lives fully, and there are any number of reasons (excuses) why we can’t express as we would like.

If you’re not loving your life right now, I get it. We get so used to “working on ourselves” and convincing ourselves that, once we get to some destination, we will be ready, that we rarely raise our heads to notice the beauty we are capable of expressing right here, right now.

If we take the time to raise our heads up high in February, we will see that we have changed! We are new. We have already evolved, and we can give ourselves permission to love all that we see.

We can keep picking at old wounds, or stay in our heads, telling ourselves that we are not ready to express our inner beauty. We can cite all kinds of reasons why this is not our time to shine, but the truth is that we can express our unique beauty in each now moment if we choose. What we have become exists in every now moment! We just have to pay more attention to that than we do to those aspects of ourselves and collective human life that are dying off.

I’d like to suggest that any part of you that whispers or yells that there is more inner work to do before you can express your unique inner beauty may just be a head game. Truth is we will forever be gaining new awareness. We will never get it done, meaning that life is full of opportunities and it is a blessing that we are in a constant state of becoming. Life would be very boring otherwise!

Please don’t allow your constant quest to know yourself to be an excuse.  Give yourself permission to express all that you have become moment by moment. As challenging as life can seem at times, life is an opportunity; this is where we learn to love, play, express, and share what shines through us. Planet Earth is full of potential and possibilities, and we can add to that by expressing our inner beauty in every now moment.

February is a great month to love yourself enough to let yourself shine, no matter what life brings to you. Let yourself express all that you have become. Pay more attention to your current desires than to what you think you need to get rid of to bring those desires to fruition, and my sincere knowing is that you will be shining brightly in no time!I