It’s Time to Dream Again

On Monday, I held a special energy session for the solar eclipse.  About an hour before it was due to start I stepped outside to this amazing stillness. It felt void; like no-thing-ness.  The energy was exciting and unnerving, like a blank canvas filled with potential waiting for a direction or focus.

Rarely do we come so close to such transformative energy as this solar eclipse. The sun was blinding and I could literally feel the buzz of energy in the cells of my body. It pulsed in my head and in my heart, and I had no doubt that we were indeed crossing a collective threshold into a new expression of ourselves, while at the same time realizing that we may have no idea what that will look like.

It’s so rare that we collectively stop and notice something sacred, and, yet, this eclipse felt like a collective sacred pause! Something about it felt final!

If you were on the August monthly energy session, or subscribe to its blog, you know that this eclipse felt like a demarcation point, as if our past is literally now in the past. Any hindrance remaining in our identity, our thoughts, our emotions, or in our experience as individuals or as a collective, had to go!  Remember, this is a good thing! So, as systems, structures, and anything else that we have abdicated our power to crumbles, please remember that it is assisting you in reclaiming your sovereignty, and your sovereignty is exactly what you will be drawing from as you create your life from this eclipse forward.

I find it amazing that this eclipse literally took us from the most brilliant of light, into the deepest shadow and back into light again, all within a matter of minutes; as if we were taking a last look into our past creations and bringing our new choices out into the light of day! This capacity to choose has a lot to do with our relationship between both the light and the shadow aspects of ourselves. We are both the light and the shadow, and as you have heard me say before, it’s important that we learn to love them both. It’s important that we take personal responsibility for both! That means to have the ability to respond not to react to respond!

I cannot stress how important this is. In the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know,” physicist Fred Alan Wolfe made one of my favorite statements of all times when he said, “There is no out there, out there!” It’s a brilliant statement because it points to our personal and collective responsibility to reset our lives, to set a new course for ourselves, and to boldly go where humanity has not gone before!

We cannot control the outer landscape, nor can we dictate how it impacts us until we are willing to be personally responsible for the state of our experience. The nice thing about taking that level of responsibility is that we have the power to change our lives, and, as each individual does this, the collective experience cannot help but be different. We are amazing creators, and we can literally create out of thin air when we remember who we are. There is no lack on this planet. Nor is there any force that can create for us! We are the creators. From this eclipse on, I suspect we will get to see just how true this is!  For where you put your energy and what you are fighting against is what you are adding your powers of creation to. Of course, it is wonderful to explore the current state of affairs, but only for the sake of choosing what you now would like to experience.

What happened to our capacity to imagine? To dream a new dream; to live a new reality simply because we prefer it? What convinced us that we were stuck in what we have created thus far? It’s a lie! We are not stuck; we are simply being asked to take our attention off what has been and put it on what we now prefer!

It’s that simple!