Hurricanes, Magic Wands, and Finding the Creator Within!

In the midst of hurricanes and earthquakes, a collapsing monetary system, solar flares, and who knows what else, it seems there’s never been a better time to understand how to use our “magic wands” and create new experiences for ourselves. If it sounds like I am suggesting that together we can actually control the weather, earth and other changes, then you are right! I am!

I understand that if you are in the middle of one of these life-threatening experiences and/or seeing it through the lens of the news, you may not feel like a powerful co-creator right now. Emotions such as fear, anxiety and concern are natural first reactions that are rarely conducive to creating something different. But the interesting thing about the energetics of such emotions is that they tend to focus our attention very quickly; when in fear for our livelihoods or the lives of loved ones, we become crystal clear in our intent to survive, thrive, support, love, and any number of other life-affirming experiences, and hence our creative potential increases. Our ability to clearly focus our intent is a necessary prerequisite to creation.

For this reason, the rapid political, monetary and environmental fluctuations we are experiencing create an ideal environment for equally rapid positive transformation as so many become pin-pointedly focused on a more harmonious reality than what we have collectively created to date. That makes us unconscious co-creators.  But is it actually possible to become conscious of this process? And if so how?

First, let’s consider that in the midst of disaster we rarely notice the impact that our intentions have on the experience because our focus is on “getting through” the disaster. Over the years, there have been many predictions of “impending doom,” but how many of them have been accurate?  And even in those cases where the predictions of devastation have been correct, have you noticed that something has always arisen out of the experience to enhance our capacity to know ourselves as human beings and, therefore, evolve us?

What would you say if I suggested that by knowing in advance what is on the horizon, we could (and do) collectively choose to experience something else and thus change the outcome of an event?

If we begin to pay closer attention, we can begin to see that what we collectively place our focus on does, in fact, change.

I am pointing this out because I suspect that as we become more conscious of our intentions, and thus what we are creating, we can begin to use this potential to divert tragedy and disaster instead of simply surviving them.

We have all heard the phrase, “Where two or more are gathered” anything is possible. So, how can we use this principle, even when it seems impossible to get everyone to agree on the same focused intent? Maybe we don’t have to get everyone on the same page. Maybe we simply need to assume that they already are!

What would happen if we did not wait for disaster to occur to assume that every human being on this planet wants to not only survive but thrive? What would happen if, upon warning of a threat, we moved first to the knowing that humans are connected in this basic intent? If we were to remind ourselves of this first, we could then move with confidence to placing our individual intent on the collective health and well being of humanity, knowing that the vast majority of us are adding to that creation. If we knew we were part of a larger intention, would it not be easier to respond with an intent as opposed to reacting out of fear, worry and concern?

Collective intent is a powerful thing! Mother nature may need to reorient herself a bit, but that doesn’t mean there needs to be loss of life and devastating hardship. My guess is that these scenarios are much less likely to manifest if we are in collective support of each other and Nature’s process.

Perhaps it is time for us to get out of the mindset that we are powerless in the face of change and start creating a little magic in the physical world. If, at a basic level, we can assume that everyone on this planet would like to survive, then its not that far of a jump to assume that we all have many other common intents.

It seems evident that we are going to get many more opportunities to understand the power of our collective intent in the coming months as the issues impacting us will continue to include increasingly larger groups of people until we “get” that we are much better off setting a clear intention for upcoming changes versus just reacting to what in on the horizon.

So, how can we recognize the creators that we are and start “wielding our magic wands” for the wellbeing of all? Here are some suggestions:

  • Use all the information you are given about anything to make a choice and set an intention.
  • Ask yourself what you would like to experience versus simply assuming that what you are told is what you will experience!
  • Assume that everyone else has similar intent for their own health and wellbeing. This will connect you with the collective intent.
  • Notice what changes occur when you set a clear intention
  • Talk with others about what changes you notice when you set intentions. This is important because we often don’t acknowledge our ability to create “magic” or change, and thus tend to pass it off as a fluke.
  • Encourage others to talk about, and thus add focus to, their intentions versus their fears, and make sure you point out when you notice that their intentions have had a positive impact!
Let’s help each other to remember that we are all creators and bring about some pretty amazing magic in the process!