How the Story of Autism Positively Impacts Everyone

From my vantage point the story of autism is the story of a vibrationally evolved population, which cannot be fully present in their bodies. The reason for this is that the vibration of their bodies and the planet, in general, cannot currently support the full embodiment of the love that they came here to be. It is the story of a population that functions at the level of soul/feeling/love. Simply stated their overall vibrational frequency is based in love not in fear.

Yet they are being judged, labeled, and “remediated” by the rest of the population, which typically functions in a vibration of programmed fear. This is through no fault of their own, they simply have not yet seen beyond those limiting constructs.

This story is about an amazing population who will not or cannot be fully present as the love that they are until those around them take their own journey back to love. As love, autistic individuals are beautiful reflectors of our personal and collective human condition. So if they seem disconnected from themselves, this may simply be a reflection of their family, community and/or humanities collective state of being.

Like love, they represent a state of being that cannot be coerced into anything. They are here to be. It is the story of a population that consciously or unconsciously says, “I will just stay here and be the expression that I am and will wait with/as love until the systems come into alignment with that.” And OH how those systems have begun to shift because of this tenacity! The medical/pharmaceutical model is currently being revealed and re-written by doctors and other professionals because of the presence of these children. The educational system is crumbling under the weight of this new energetic stream, and parents, siblings, grandparents everywhere are being asked to rise to the occasion, see beyond the labels and seeming limitations to their gifts and love in ways that they never knew was possible.

This population has asked us to re-write the script of our preconceived ideas. They have asked us to feel rather than think. They have asked us to move beyond words to a connection that can be sensed. They have asked us to rise up to meet them, and in so doing, we are beginning to create a space that they can be present in. We are beginning to bridge the gap with love.

Their story is a story for all of humanity right now. It is a story that is helping to evolve the collective story from a fear-based reality to a love-based one. Their story points humanity in a new direction and creates new questions within us.

Here are some of the questions: How can we allow the love that we are in our physical experience? How can our feelings and senses support love instead of separating us from what unites us? What mental mindsets do we adhere to that keep us in fear and limitation versus a loving expression of self? And what would we look like, act like and be like, if we simply lived from the frequency of love? What in our environments does not support the full expression of self? Where do we need to rise above our own self-imposed labels to see the AWESOMISM within?

For some the love or AWESOMISM within autism is a leap. For those who are still so inundated with the frequency of physical and mental constructs, this may be a bridge too far. But for those ready to allow themselves to be their fullest expression of love, for those ready to slip out of the old constructs versus attempting to simply be accepted by the “norm”, the questions here can be a real starting point. It is my belief that the questions themselves call the answers. There is nothing more to do than question.

As I have seen, more and more of these children become fully present and take on their own loving voice in the world. I see that potential for all of us. I see a humanity that lives by love and does not lower itself to meet the fear of the masses.

What does it look like when we live our daily lives as love? What has changed? What has fallen away or become new simply because we are fully present, here and now? What does that even mean? In all honesty, I don’t have the answer to those questions. I don’t believe that any of us can fully fathom the outcome of collectively being and acting from love, but if we never ask the questions we will never know the answers. So let’s just have courage to ask and see where it leads! It’s time for us to learn the lesson that this population has come to offer and begin our own journey back to love