Growing Into Creatorship (June 2016 Monthly Energy Update)

This update was taken directly from the June 6, 2016 Energy Session and describes the process of becoming conscious creators.

5/6th dimensional realities previously just out of reach are making their way in to life, right here right now. These realities are personal to each one of us. They represent the hidden dreams previously buried deep within those parts of us that know, ‘this is my most perfectly realized action, experience, expression, or state of being.’

You can recognize a 5/6th dimensional reality by its sweetness. It feels right up your alley, perfectly suited to fulfilling a yearning that has eluded you your entire life. It’s a potential and possibility beyond your wildest dreams, perhaps as a change in lifestyle, career, relationship, health status or financial situation.

It may come as a profound inspiration or insight that alters who you know yourself to be. Everything appears to be lining up beautifully to finally, finally live that dream.

And then…

…with alarming speed it dissolves from a solid reality, to a fluid probability, to a foggy possibility into a shapeless potential.

Your dream may be expressing in fits and starts only to disappear. An inspiration may dry up as you begin to play with it or act on it. Just as we can practically taste, smell and feel this new reality, it pulls back in to the recesses of a distant dimension.

How frustrating, irritating, disappointing and purposeful.

We experience frustration, irritation and disappointment because we’re human. The purpose is to develop coherence in our mental and emotional bodies and to re-calibrate our hearts to our 5/6/7th dimensional realities. These “setbacks” help us to become very clear about what we need, want and know we can experience.

Nothing is being kept from you as far as your creative potential is concerned. The elusive nature of your desired experiences is not an indication that you are doing anything wrong. You are simply being invited to a deeper awareness of the what, why and how of your creations!

When an elusive intention triggers our mental/emotional body it provides a wonderful opportunity.

We become aware of where we’re attached to preferred outcomes – generally striving towards something we desire or pushing against something we don’t want. Striving sounds like thoughts of, ‘I want that! Why isn’t it here yet?’ Resistance is your inner voice saying, ‘No, that is not in my plan!’ Both of these stances constitute an attempt at being comfortably in control – and limited.

There are two important points to consider here:

1) As we move into 5/6th dimensional realms, there is no need to pull for something or to push against anything, and

2) The 5/6th dimensional versions of you are who have crafted the realities bleeding through into your current experience for all the reasons mentioned above.

Trust yourself – for what is showing up in your life has been specifically created for you by an enlightened, refined version of you!

From your 5/6/7th dimensional vantage point, you are sending ideas, situations and experiences to allow you to know yourself in ways you never have before. An incoherent mental/emotional body will respond with ‘no thank you, that’s not what I want.’ A coherent mental/emotional body aligns its will with the will of Source.

Remember that sometimes we do not create what we think we want because it’s not big enough for who we truly are. In this case we are being asked to allow space for a bigger dream beyond what currently feels comfortable and in the process we are asked to feel where we are incoherent with the biggest versions of that dream!

We get to a bigger version of our dream by consciously feeling our frustration, irritation and disappointment around a desire unfulfilled.

So there is no need to deny, project, rationalize or positively spin away these very human thoughts and feelings. Become aware of these thoughts within your own mind and notice what feelings they trigger.

Feel these feelings in your body, express them or act them out – all consciously. This is an important step in the creation process.

Intertwined with these thoughts and feelings are the obstacles to the manifestation of your 5/6/7th dimensional creations. You experience the discomfort to dislodge all of the energetic imprints of the original should/shouldn’t and could/couldn’t that prevented your dreams from materializing in the first place.

Dreams go into hiding when we are taught we are not allowed to have that potential or possibility. We are told ‘it’s not possible’ or ‘it’s not appropriate.’

These are the sandbags that keep our dreams tethered to the hidden depths of our unconscious. When we consciously feel and act out our feelings, it gives us permission to release the tether, bringing the unconscious into consciousness.

You simply cannot expand into broader states of your creative process without integrating and transmuting what has kept you from them.

No need for deep psychological processing. Notice your thoughts and emotions and ask for some grace in changing them. Thank them and get on with expanding the heart based on that new level of awareness.

This brings us to the next step in the process of creatorship – move into your heart space. Find that place where the heart knows it’s safe to be with these potentials. Wait for the heart to sense beyond what has been into greater possibilities.

Intend that your heart know that everything is fine then begin breathing through that space into the 5/6/7th dimensional you and back again. You are building coherence with your 5/6/7th dimensional realities so that they can leak into this reality more often and stay for longer periods of time.

Remember, there is nowhere you have to be and no better you that you have to be. Nothing is required of you other than the conscious awareness of this pattern:

  • Notice your dream arise then recede,
  • Acknowledge, feel and express emotions consciously,
  • Move into the heart space and
  • Breathe into your 5/6/7th dimensional self from there.

Take this opportunity to choose co-creation and allow the gifts of that awareness to be made manifest through you. As you move through several cycles of this pattern you will naturally grow into your creatorship. You will also experience being inter-connected with your 5/6/7th dimensional realities.

On days when we don’t enjoy the process and are fed up with our awkward ebb and flow into creatorship, let’s give ourselves a break. We are evolving past our human limitations every step of the way!