Galactic Center: The Space In Between

The current astrological configuration includes our sun’s alignment with the galactic center and, as such, we seem to have an interesting, pivotal, and possibly life-changing opportunity to release our past miscreations and create a reality that is in the highest service to our children.

I am not an astrologer, but I do know energetic potentials when I see them, and as our sun comes into approximation and alignment with the galactic center over this week, we appear to have the opportunity, if we so choose, to embody much more of our galactic heritage.

I know that some of you are already aware, or have inklings of, your galactic nature, but I have to say that knowing something and embodying it are very different. Embodiment means that the skills, awareness, and consciousness that your galactic aspects hold become consciously available to you through your human form and, thus, alter your human experience.

I’d like to say that I could tell you just how this embodiment happens, but I cannot, as it is different for each galactic culture as well as each individual’s journey within those cultures. What I can say is that together we are creating the activation of our embodiment. Our intention to create a new space for realization to occur is all that is required!

There is not a person on this planet that does not have galactic roots, and much of the turmoil that is taking place here today was put into motion long before we arrived in our current human form. Within our cellular memory, we hold the awareness of wars won and lost, of planets birthed and destroyed, and of cycles of the rise and fall of consciousness.

Through our numerous incarnations in human and other forms, we each have had moments of beautiful creations and also confused miscreations. Many of the memories of our galactic miscreations are buried so deep within us that we collectively cycle through destructive patterns over and over, keeping ourselves enslaved and living our lives in ways that are less than what we know is possible! This is one of the reasons that we do not fully embody into our humanity with our galactic gifts, and it is at least one of the reasons so many of our children cannot fully embody.

At moments of galactic alignments such as these, we get the opportunity to wake up and see what could not be seen before so that we can choose again!

A war on consciousness is the main war going on here on Earth. It’s the reason why humans keep getting sicker even though we are theoretically more evolved. It’s the reason why our monetary system serves very few, and why humans attempt to educate children to be more like themselves instead of supporting them in realizing who they really are! All the time and energy wasted on these issues distracts us from our more evolved realities.

Whether you are conscious of your galactic roots and remember those incarnations or not is somewhat irrelevant. What is relevant is that this galactic center alignment offers us the opportunity to remember and to embody what we have not been able to embody before. It invites us to a new space within us. Having said all this, I find it interesting that with all the noise in the human world right now almost no one is talking about this opportunity.

Just as we have to be willing to face our emotional demons to step out of the patterns of our personal past, we need to face up to our creations and miscreations to assist in altering more collective patterns.

Each one of us has access to both our galactic creations and miscreations, meaning that we know what worked and what did not work on other planets, and in other places and spaces. Deep within our cells, we know how to organically grow our consciousness, shift realities, and create new structures with ease. And we also know how to model this in support of others.

There are brilliant and beautiful advances that are available to future generations provided we remember where we came from and what we learned, and choose to implement that awareness here!

Becoming aware of your galactic creations and miscreations in not intended to make you feel guilt or shame.  It is designed to assist you in remembering what works and what does not work to support your evolution and, thus, the evolution of humanity! What works can be found and remembered in a very specific space. Humanity is at a tipping point where we can own the galactic aspects of ourselves in such a way that we can override the miscreations that were brought to this planet.

Our energetically sensitive children came here to help elevate the planet, to offer a new level of consciousness, and new opportunities to love. They are consciously or unconsciously aware of their galactic roots. In fact, many of them place more of their focus on their galactic roots than on their human ones. It’s time for us to wake up more fully to this aspect of ourselves as well, and to invite the skills that we acquired in our galactic incarnations to enhance our human experience.

The space in between our galactic heritage and our human one is a mighty big space; it’s a space filled with information and experience  beyond human limitations.

The Collective Consciousness of the Children frequently says: “We will meet you in the space in between.” This “space in between” has been expressed in Rumi’s quote: “There is a space between right and wrong. I will meet you there.” It was demonstrated in the movie The Lake House, where the main characters meet between different years. It is the space between different realities and perceptions. It is where we connect beyond time and space. It is the space between two people as they physically hold each other. It is the space of “no thing” and everything, the space of creation and recreation. It is also a literal space within our chakra system. The chakra between the heart and the solar plexus is your access point to the space in between. Sitting in that space gives you access to a level of freedom that you may not have known before. It can release you from your limitations and opens you to a world that is bigger than the one you currently perceive!

We have a wonderful opportunity! It is in the space in between what we have perceived and what we are beginning to perceive. Stay there, be aware, and create!