From Awesomism to Beyond

A Journey From Awesomism to Beyond!

Within the Awesomism process, we have had more than our fair share of vibrational (unseen) supports.

It started with the Collective Consciousness of the Children, moved into the Angelic and Master realm, shifted to various love-based galactic realms and then began to interface with vast aspects of Being and delineations of Source consciousness. Each of these aspects of consciousness naturally and organically built upon the other as we progressed through the process. Each “phase” was simultaneously distinct and unified into a Oneness that makes up the collective consciousness that is Awesomism.

It has been obvious to me, that each person who enters the Awesomism process, brings their mastery (although unconsciously at first) fully in tact, thus from my vantage point, it has been easy to see that the various access points of consciousness that we “play” with, builds as the group does.

Each human being, with their vulnerabilities and insecurities, also comes with coherent aspects of the broader Being, complete with its masteries and multidimensional spectrum of awareness.

It also became clear through this process that the physical, mental and emotional states of our human experience need to be honored and valued to the same degree as our multidimensional awareness. Integration invites various aspects of our experience to become unified and we cannot negate the fact that we are currently human if we seek to benefit humanity in this incarnation.

When all aspects are valued equally, life gets very exciting!

Here we notice that we can use the unseen aspects of ourselves to support and help overcome our limitations and equally we can use our human vulnerability and perceived insecurities to invite greater aspects of our mastery into our experience. Thus the authentic conversations, personal experiences and awareness that are shared within Awesomism are as valuable as the powerful multidimensional energy work that takes place.

Because coherence is the focus within Awesomism, we only step as “far out” vibrationally as can be integrated with relative ease. That makes the vibrational information that we “play in” conscious! When this refined information is conscious, we can also value and give meaning to the broader scope of Who We Are.

Within the last six months a “new” unseen group consciousness has made itself know.

They refer to themselves as All Beings of Light, All Emissaries of Love. It appears that they represent the collective consciousness of what those in the Awesomism process have co-created thus far. They hold humanity and humanness as sacred and value the role that our humanness plays in the collective evolution of All That IS (Source…God).

They seem to understand the interface between our humanity and our divinity and how the two become something brand new! They invite all to bring their masteries and vulnerabilities into conscious awareness, knowing that both are equal in the eyes of All That Is. Both… simply experiences in consciousness.

As I begin to offer the Monthly Energy Sessions and also step into new offerings (to be announced) in 2016, it is from the collective support of those within Awesomism and what has been created there.

There is a beautiful triad of energy that seems to be woven into the fabric of all that is Awesomism and beyond.

That triad is the energy of Love, Grace and Humility. In my own experience, it was not until I could fully embrace my humanity that this triad could be expressed or witnessed. Prior to that, the unseen aspects of self were seen as superior to the perceived limitations of the seen (human) aspects.

We all have to do our own work and witnessing this integration within myself and also in those within the Awesomism processes has set the stage for a depth of integration through the monthly energy work and new offerings that not only supports an awareness of Who We Really Are, but also supports being that awareness as part of our human daily lives, ultimately showing what is possible when we know ourselves as the integrated whole that we have always been.

We invite you to add both your masteries and your “real life” vulnerabilities to the mix as we all evolve into a new human experience.