Feeling What You Feel

As humans, we have been conditioned to like certain feelings and suppress others versus using our feelings as the guidance system they were intended to be. We are meant to feel neutral or ease, but when we don’t it does not mean we are ‘wrong,’ it means we have a choice to make.

Your guidance system is always asking you to be aware of what you are aware of even when it is not what you may want to “see” or“hear”.

So when feelings arise…the question is not: “What is wrong with me?” or even “How can I fix this?” The question is “What can I aware of?”
Feelings are meant as a signal to awareness and once we are aware we can choose. Plain and simple!

We will know when we are in awareness because we will feel neutral or at ease about the subject even if it does not feel good.

When we choose from awareness life has a tendency to flow!
Most however go from feeling to emotion…we have a feeling that is meant to point us to an awareness and create a choice point…

Instead, based on our programming, we go from feeling to emotion…energy in motion. Emotion is simply an attempt to negate what you are meant to be aware of and push your agenda of what you think should be.

Example: My daughter recently was offered a job in CA
She was excited to get to where she wants to go…but the job did not feel right…her awareness was…this is not the job for me…make another choice. She did not like that awareness though because she really wanted to go to CA…so she negated her awareness at first and went into emotion…trying to make that be the right choice when her awareness knew it was not.

When she finally asked “What am I aware of” she realized that although she wanted to go to CA this was not the right way to get there. While in emotion…or energy in motion…trying to get where she wanted… even though she was aware that it was not the best way to get there…caused her stress. Ultimately she listened to her awareness…waited for the “right” job to be offered in divine time and everything else flowed with ease from there!

Your source self is always trying to bring you what is in the highest for you and give you awareness of that through feeling.
In True Manifesting, Adyashanti says that the “human/ego you” can have anything that you want as long as it is what your “vast/source self” wants for you. He says that source will always have its way with you.

To quote Star Trek: Resistance is Futile

So the reason to give ourselves permission to feel what we feel is so we gain greater awareness of what source wants to express through us, not to force our own agenda.

More often than not, what we think source wants to express through us and what it actually wants are two very different things, mainly because we have been programmed to believe that certain experiences are what we are meant to desire.

It is not until we are in neutral or in allowance of what we are aware of versus what we think we want that love can actually be given and received!

Byron Katie calls this loving “what is”. I do not however think she means just loving the experience of “what is” but ultimately loving the awareness of the experience.

Awareness will always tell you what is true. You can trust your awareness because it is what is literally true for you!

Enjoy your awareness!


An Awareness Exercise: When situations arise that do not feel good!.

• Identify the feeling.
Hint: It will feel like some version of fear

• Ask what that feeling is making you aware of.
Hint: When you get to what it is making you aware of you will notice a neutral feeling even if you do not like the response.

• Tell yourself the truth! Voice what you are aware of so you hear yourself say it.

• Choose to take action in the direction of your awareness or not…
o If you choose the direction of your awareness you will notice you will feel progressively lighter and thus in alignment with what source wants to experience through you.
o If you choose to not align with your awareness you will notice that emotion will arise (anger, rage, frustration etc.) as you force your will over what wants to be experienced through you!

• The KEY is to trust the feeling of neutrality.
Hint: We are so used to feeling like we are not fully living unless we are experiencing emotional drama that neutral can feel “off” or even boring at first.