Eclipsing the Past

August appears to offer a powerful collective reorganization that will energetically impact everyone on the planet to one degree or another. It marks a time for new beginnings and, as such, a time to make clear choices, which will enhance our personal and thus collective lives. It’s time to live as an example. It’s a time to stand up and express in a way that enhances this earthly life experience versus simply repeat the programs of the past.

It’s easy to point to the eclipse that will run across the US later this month as the catalyst for this collective reorganization, but my sense is that deep change is not based on a single event, but many little steps in a new direction! This eclipse does, however, appear to be a very real demarcation point between how our lives were versus how they are now going to be. We are stepping into new aspects of ourselves both personally and collectively, so we all will need a little wiggle room as we adjust to our new roles and get the lay of the land.

Let’s consider that what you have now become as a result of all that you have experienced has created new choice points within you and thus how you experience this eclipse could simply be a demonstration of what you now know yourself to be. For those of you that are still wondering if what you have become is “enough,” hear me very clearly when I say that you will never feel like you are a match for what you are being asked to step up to until you claim yourself as enough.  You are here to live life to the fullest and thus meet each moment with all the awareness that came before it! Living life to the fullest doesn’t mean that you are at the top of your game all the time. It means that you are fully in your life experience… all of it.

In my last blog, “The Tables Have Turned,” I discussed the cleaning up of past patterns that many of us experienced recently through personal time with our families. July seemed to offer many opportunities for completion of past lineage dynamics. It was as if all that had created a rub in our capacity to love ourselves and those around us was “tested” yet again. However, this time we got to see that patterns from the past do not have the same hold on us. We got to see that we can handle all kinds of life experiences and thus we are enough! In fact, we got to see clearly just how far we had come in our capacity to have compassion for those who have molded our lives and, more importantly, ourselves!

We can work on our “issues” for a lifetime, but at some point, we need to actually test ourselves to see just how far we have come. At some point, we have to go right back into the very experiences that we have attempted to  integrate and see how the adult us manages what the child us could not. We have to feel into our ability to figuratively (or maybe even literally) embrace that which at one point might have ripped us apart, but now simply gives us the chance to reflect the love that we have become. This can feel a bit like graduation day because even if no one else recognizes our accomplishments, after moments like this, we can look at ourselves and say, “You’ve come a long way, baby.”<

With this in mind, this upcoming astrological event gives us the opportunity to eclipse the past patterning and literally begin to function from the powerful beings we have become. I would go so far as to suggest that we will actually begin to put more of an emphasis, collectively, on the being behind the doing. By this, I mean, that somewhere deep inside, every human on this planet is beginning to ask why do we do what we do? What does it gain us? Is it just the reactive patterns of our collective past or is it a choice that will make us stronger together? We are all questioning what our actions say about who we are as humans and if these actions reflect who we know we can be. The eclipse seems energetically to put the past in its rightful place and allow us to step forward based on who we are now!

Thus, there is a new beginning associated with this demarcation, and how you experience it may actually surprise and delight you. We have all come a long way. We are all going to begin to see ourselves stepping up in ways that we may not have stepped up before.  We will be expressing ourselves, not out of a need or even a desire for change, but simply because we now know ourselves to be something beyond our limitations. Those that may never have taken a stand (in ways big and small) will now do so, not because someone tells them that they should, but as an expression of their new state of being.


At the end of this month’s energy session, an exercise was provided to support our stability as the light (information) that we now know ourselves to be. This process has us harmonizing “as above” with “so below.” Or, better said, it balances the broadest, most refined aspects of our awareness with our human expression.

For this exercise, simply see a large clear sphere above your head with a blue star in its center. Also see that same configuration below your feet.

First, run energy from one sphere to the other and back again, harmonizing the chakras in between.

Second, clear any “noise” from the chakras that prevent them from being coherent and in alignment with the “conversation” of as above, so below.

Third, place any static noise/incoherence from those chakras into a sphere with a blue star and command the star to spin out what no longer serves you!

Fourth, compress that sphere and bring it back into the chakras, imploding it into billions of frequencies of light. This restructures the chakras for optimal communication between the most refined aspects of yourself and your human experience!

It’s time to turn off the noise and turn on your light! Have fun being you!