Deep Integration Potential in June

The month of June offers a depth of integration that could very likely change the entire way you view the story of your childhood, any perceived wounds that were accumulated then, and the current patterns and projections that play out because of them.

I am not saying that June offers some magic wand that will instantaneously remove the past. What I am suggesting is that the energetic climate of June makes it possible for us to clearly see even previously unconscious patterns, projections and stories through a brand new lens.

At one time or another, we have all tried to write ourselves a new story about our past and/or attempted to “heal” our traumas. We have tried to tap it out, talk it out, breathe it out, work it out energetically, etc., but still we found ourselves repeating the same uncomfortable patterns.

It’s my point of view that one potential reason that our patterns repeat themselves, even through all of our attempts to “heal” them, is that much of our conscious or unconscious focus lies in healing what is broken. I believe this pattern of looking for what is “broken” is woven deep into the collective subconscious and thus is not just your issue but, a human issue.

When we hold healing what is broken as our intent, we attempt to get away from the experiences that wounded us and the residual patterns that play out over and over, recreating lives that are less than loving toward ourselves and others.

It seems logical that we would want to get away from what causes us pain and suffering, however, it also seems there is a fundamental flaw in that intention because how can we separate ourselves from any aspect of ourselves and be whole at the same time?

What if we are not meant to “heal” anything? What if nothing is “broken? I know that is hard to hear, especially if we have considered ourselves healers or have dedicated ourselves to our healing process. What if, instead of “healing,” we are meant to integrate. The term healing in and of itself is not really the issue. The issue is how the subconscious “hears” that intent.

The entire concept of healing can suggest to the subconscious that something is broken. We have all been unconsciously programmed to believe this. You can image that the “broken” part of Self may not easily surface for the very reason that it is perceived as broken.

Integration, however, is the intention to invite all parts of our Selves back into the fold of wholeness and can be more easily heard as an invitation in the subconscious.

There is not a part of us that can be shunned, unloved or pushed away in an effort to experience our wholeness. It has to be integrated or become one with all other aspects of us. It’s for this very reason that the Monthly Energy Sessions are not called healing sessions, but rather, balance and integration sessions. The intent is clear!

During the month of June, and specifically around the time of the solstice on June 21st, there is an opportunity to reorient our perceptions of the past by integrating that which we have been seeking to “heal.”

This energetic climate is giving us a boost toward a greater sense of love and freedom, right here…right now. So how do we make the most of the June solstice?

First, we set our intention to integrate versus heal. By setting this intention we send a clear message to our subconscious that we are now willing to invite all aspects of us back into the fold of our wholeness.  This grants permission for hidden elements of Self to arise with ease.

Second, we become completely present with what arises. We do this with whatever comes to the surface regardless if the pain is emotional, mental or physical. Just as a balanced, coherent friend would listen to what was coming up for us without adding negative energy, stories or criticism to our experience, we simply let what arises and be with it!

Third, notice what you notice and invite what arises to share its wisdom with you! Assume that this part of you has wisdom to share. This sends another positive message to your unconscious because that which is wise cannot at the same time be broken!

If you will follow this three-step process throughout the month of June, you may find that repeated negative patterns from your past release with greater ease. The trick is that you have to be willing to let the energy move through you when it arises. When a pattern is not “up”… there is no need to go digging for one.

Your invitation to those aspects of Self that are seeking integration will be all that is required to bring to the forefront whatever needs to come to the surface.