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Our children (inner and outer) are in a precarious position as we move through this collective shift in consciousness.  Each generation is challenged with cleaning up remaining aspects of family and human lineage so that the patterns that have limited collective consciousness are neutralized.

The children of today are better equipped than ever, with the depth of energetic sensitivity required for this "job", however many of them are not consciously aware of the task that their souls have undertaken. Many of them are overwhelmed by the energy playing out through them, yet have no conscious means of shifting what they are processing.

The challenges the face can give the children the impression that they are less than the amazing human beings that they are! Supporting them energetically is important as much of what they are processing does not fall typically into the realms of the physical, mental or emotional.

The Children's Sanctuary Monthly Energy Sessions offers messages from the Collective Consciousness of the Children and support for you and your children.

 These sessions target the physical, mental, emotional and energetic challenges faced by the energetically sensitive.  They are offered with love, compassion, understanding while providing the energetic scaffolding for the children to move through these times with ease and grace for the highest and best for all involved.

Join the calls live and/or receive the recording. Simply hold your children (inner or outer) as your point of focus. Each month will address a different topic. The children will receive the support energetically and you will receive tips, suggestions and information from the Collective Consciousness of the Children to enhance your lives together!

Registered participants will also occasionally be offered information directly from individual children who are completely conscious of how they are supporting humanity, in the form of "guest speakers/writers"

These sessions offer direct messages from the Collective Consciousness of the Children, about the children so that we can understand their process, learn directly from them and support them and ourselves as we remember what we have always been.


Provides energetic support for the children and for those that support them, to see the vastness of their being and support them as they integrate all that they are with ease and grace for the highest and best interest of all involved! 


Offered the LAST THURSDAY of Each Month

9:00 am PST Live Call

Click Here to Register for Children's Sanctuary Monthly Energetic Support SessionsMonthly Subscription of $12.00

(Recording available for those that can't attend live.)

What You Get When You Subscribe!

  • LIVE CALL: Access to live call where Suzy shares information from the children and offers energy work to support children experiencing physical, mental and emotional challenges.
  • RECORDING: You have the entire month to re-listen to the recording or download it for your personal library.
  • BLOG: You will receive articles specific to the challenges that our energetically sensitive children are facing with helpful hints to ease their experience and yours.
  • COMMUNITY: Invitation to Private Facebook Group with access to Suzy and other participants.

Three Reasons to Attend Monthly Children's Sanctuary Sessions

  • To fill in the missing pieces in your support of your children !
  • To create greater ease and grace for yourself and your children!
  • To gain greater understanding, love and compassion for your role and that of the children!

Sample A Children's Sanctuary Session!

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