Can You Feel That?

Can you feel that? Something profound seems to have changed energetically.  Is it personal or collective? Is there a difference?

I could make up reasons for the change, but honestly the cause could be any of my perceived reasons, awareness or experiences and/or none of them at all. In fact the reason for this shift is of little interest to me at the moment, which in and of it self is profound, at least for me.

What has got my attention is what I feel or sense in relationship to this “change”. It feels as if the space around me is different. It’s still. It’s beautiful. It’s peaceful. It’s also alive and conscious somehow. I wouldn’t say that it feels like a presence, but that it is presence. It just came about without conscious intention. It just is.  It colors the way I see the world in this moment. It does not so much hold potential and possibility, but is that. It is something that I can recognize and experience while also something that simply exists.

When I sat down to write this article, I pulled some notes that I had written last weekend and found it interesting that the words on the page made absolutely no sense for this moment.  What was “real” as an experience last week has no point of reference as I write this. As I tried to reach into last weeks “past” awareness to share it with you, I not only noticed that it was not there to be retrieved, but I noticed this other “sensation”. Can you feel that? Tap into it and see what you notice. Can you feel what’s behind the words? My guess is that if you can it will evoke the same awareness in you that it currently is for me.

I get the sense that we have the opportunity now to access a different state of consciousness. We can notice that which we have not noticed before and make choices in accordance to this refinement. We seem to be gaining access to levels of subtly that are both beautiful and profound, however we have to stop long enough and become present enough to tap into it. Give it a try. What do you have access to when you stop and become present to the subtle flow of energy that expresses in, through and around you? How does that feel? How does it inform you? What does it change in you?

There is a lot of noise in the world right now (really always has been) and one can assume that it will get louder before it gets softer. That is unless we all start paying attention to something else. By paying attention to the noise, we are making it real and missing the presence. We are missing the creative potential to shift what is into what presence chooses it to be.  When we choose the past over the present, we miss what is here right now.  We choose every time we place our attention on something. We create every time we put our attention somewhere.  What has your attention most of the time? Is that what you wish to enhance and create more of? If so stay there! If not can you slip into presence and see where it wants to take you?

Where are you right now? I mean in your mind. Are you present to what you are reading here? Are you present to the words alone or are you also accessing how it feels?  What is distracting you? What’s on your mind? Are you making whatever that is mean something? What would happen if you simply changed that thought? What would happen if in this moment you chose to tap into something, someone or some experience that you love instead? What would happen if you just went still?

What happens when the noise of the past does not have our attention? The answer to each of these questions is not about the words. Notice what you feel or become aware of when you ask the question. What changes?

Humanity has created and recreated all kinds of experiences some beautiful and some horrific all based on our collective attention points. There is however something else that got my attention tonight and I sense that it is and always has been trying to get ALL OF OUR attention. It is subtle at first and yet profound.  I believe presence would like to reveal itself within the human condition. I believe it would like to reveal itself to, through and as you! Tap into that possibility and see what happens!