Calling Avatars (April 2016 Energy Update)

This update was taken directly from the APRIL 4th ENERGY SESSION and explores a process of creating a new human template for everyday avatars.


av·a·tar (ˈavəˌtär/) noun

a manifestation of a deity or released soul in bodily form on earth; an incarnate divine teacher.
  2. An incarnation, embodiment, or manifestation of a person or idea. “He chose John Stuart Mill as the avatar of the liberal view”

I define ‘avatar’ as one who has access to and integrates all 12 dimensional aspects of their human self and re-integrates those through their biology, psychology and neurology.

Since our last monthly energy session, we held a live event during which the intention was to create a new human template. This made sense given past experience with the New Human Experience Project and the energy work we had done over the past three Awesomism Practitioner events.  These included the creation of templates for new human biology, psychology and neurology.

This year however was not just any human template. What actually dropped in at the live event as the focus was an avatar template.

Many of you were there energetically – through bilocation and/or a palpable energetic presence- even if you were not able to be there live. We came together offering aspects of our mastery and multi-dimensionality to the creation of this avatar template.

Specifically, this process included a variety of steps and integrations beginning with the opening of the 12 dimensional aspects of ourselves that make up the full scope of the human condition – everything from the 12th dimension of Lemeuria to the 3rd/ 4th/5th dimension of this human incarnation.

12 points within each of these 12 dimensions were used to create stability and coherence.  The 12 points in 12 dimensions created a grid of 144 chakras which, when activated and stabilized as a harmonic, formed the foundation of the avatar template.

That template was then integrated back in to each individualized human soul template through their biology, psychology and neurology so they could embody the avatar template in its fullness when appropriate for each soul.

If it sounds lofty, believe me it felt that way at the event too.

Why even attempt to do this?

The consciousness of one avatar can impact the consciousness of 1 million people. Even subtle aspects of avatar consciousness that are integrated to any degree can positively impact and stabilize the collective consciousness so that all can move into more refined aspects of our humanity. That alone was worth “shooting for the moon” as, even if we fell short, we would have positively impacted collective human consciousness.


With your contribution to this lofty possibility, you may be noticing some heavy-duty energy moving in you. You may, for example, be experiencing:

  1. A heightened relationship with Gaia,
  2. A variety of deep biological changes such as head and muscle aches, neurological confusion, a sense of being in limbo or
  3. A deep dive into the muck of the collective unconscious

All of these are purposeful and supportive of your rising avatar consciousness, however they may not feel all that great! At least not until the light frequencies that make up your avatar consciousness begin to burn off the density that can be neutralized through this intensity of light. Remember… as far as you go into the refined states of your consciousness is as deep as you will go into your unconscious.

Since Easter you may have noticed an unusual or deeper connection with either Gaia, the elements or the planet as a whole. For example, Gaia may speak to you differently, impact your physicality in a new way, or feed your consciousness directly.

As you walk in nature you may have the sensation that it is functioning within you rather than you are functioning within it. We are going from our small, individuated state operating within the vastness into a state of being whereby sentient consciousness is functioning within the vastness of Who We Are.

This is avatar consciousness. We are moving beyond a conceptual understanding of what it is to be a unified field of consciousness into the actual functioning as that field.  To function from a unified field has many implications that are not often considered until we are functioning from that space. Many of these considerations will be touched upon in future energy sessions and workshops.

In addition to a new relationship with Gaia, some of you may be feeling real changes in your biology as it comes up to speed with the avatar template. When I say this template was infused back in to each person that is literally the case.

All organs and biological systems are coming on-line with more refined aspects of your consciousness which means your biology is becoming more fluid and you are more sensitive to subtle aspects of your surroundings. You might feel like you’re dying one day then feel perfectly fine the next. You may be cycling through various symptoms from week-to-week or month-to-month. You may feel muscle tension or heaviness, headaches, or flu-like symptoms.

You may experience some fluctuation in your heartbeat as more refined states of your being literally creates a shift in the frequency of the heart. The heart’s frequency moves more in to the sacred or high heart. As it does, it literally radiates through your biology, out through all different aspects of your being, and all the way back to Source. Your heart is trying to hold the full capacity of love that it has access to in these beginning states of avatar integration.

Whatever you are experiencing in the physical body is perfect. These biological shifts and changes are all part of the refinement process.

Continue to be easy on yourself. It should get easier at the end of April when there will be a collective energetic shift toward evolution. Get yourself to May and be as gentle and nice to yourself as possible. You will enjoy the stabilization you feel once there.

This brings us to another way in which you may be experiencing this new avatar energy – as a deep dive into the muck of the unconscious. It may feel like a dark night of the soul. You may have felt attacked or greatly impacted by dark, heavy energies and thoughts.

If that’s you, wonderful. I hope you were pushed into a position to remind yourself of Who You Really Are and what you’re really here to do because that’s exactly what it was intended to do. It was intended to focus your energy very precisely within your mental and emotional body so you could rise above the muck. That muck wasn’t your individuated consciousness. It was collective. You were just the lucky one who got to process it through your neurology, psychology and biology.

The avatar template necessitates that we have control over our thoughts and emotions because the more it comes in to reality for you, the more you will manifest in a nanosecond and will be clearing at a collective level. As we have dominion over our mental/emotional body, we begin to impact the collective in a profound way. As certain aspects of you come into avatar consciousness it creates a coherence within those aspects of humanity. You are seeding something.

There are other consequences of your consciousness evolving into an avatar state. By your very presence alone people around you will have a tendency to function from more refined aspects of themselves. If they are one with you and your consciousness is evolving into an avatar state, then you can’t help but impact them. People will like being around you. They like the reminder of who they really are because of the elevated consciousness you embody. They can become present to that awareness for themselves.

The consequences of a rapidly increasing frequency however are not always perceived as positive. It is also very common for those around you to sense the shift in your frequency and attempt to “drag” you back into the old games of limited consciousness.  They will do this by trying to engage you in drama and other activities that dampen your heart frequency. If this cannot be done, they may become angry or just leave your experience all together.

As hard as it is to let go of these old relationships and patterns, please allow them to find their new natural resting place without trying to fix them. It is better, for all involved, for others to learn to adjust around your new frequency than it is for you to lower your frequency to meet the expectations of past patterns.

Another consequence is the capacity for a transformation that will pick you up from your current life course and put you on a different track more aligned with the avatar within you. For those of you who are thinking, ‘I already know what I’m doing’ allow yourself to consider that you are even bigger than what you have created up to this point. Consider the fact that being here in your human form is far more important to humanity than you have given yourself credit for before.

We are all becoming everyday human avatars.