Bridging The Gap to Love

October 2016 Monthly Energy Update


Suzy and Meredith clearly intend for this information to offer you a much broader perspective of Who You Are based on the current energetic patterns and the means to coherently integrate that awareness into your human experience – right here, right now!

Suzy’s skill set allows her to clearly experience the multi-dimensional mastery of any collective group so that that mastery can be consciously experienced and expressed by each participating individual. She does this by weaving together the best elements of each individual’s energy pattern into a collective tapestry or template that can be offered back to the whole group as information, guided meditation and vibrational experiences.

We hope you find this information helpful in uncovering both your mastery and your vulnerabilities. From this perspective, we need both in order to step into the new human template!


At the core of our being we are love. Our innate program – that consistent blueprint that propels us through lifetimes and realities – is love.

However, beginning in utero and continuing throughout our early childhood, experiences imprint us with layers of fear-based programming that separate us from the love that we are.

Programming – which is anything that prevents us from either loving or being loved – gets layered over who we really are.

This programming leaks out into our behaviors and into our consciousness. Because much of this information was received when we were pre-verbal it arises as a feeling state. It is information we couldn’t articulate even if we became conscious of it. It’s feelings, vibrations and movements of energy.

Thankfully we live on planet earth – the love planet – that supports us in remembering who we are at our core.

 Moment by moment we are invited to love beyond what we have been able to love before.

Every mentally, emotionally or physically challenging experience is an invitation to love more completely from the embedded program of who we truly are. We are encouraged to shed our programming and claim ourselves as love. This is the dynamic playing out within human reality all of the time.

This means deciding whether to embrace or to disown a child who adopts a lifestyle against your values. It is choosing to respectfully listen to or to condemn the beliefs of someone else’s religion. It is responding to yourself with loving compassion rather than harsh criticism when you’ve fallen short of a personal goal. It is remaining in openhearted acceptance of or in fearful resistance to a serious medical condition. It is allowing yourself to have what your heart really desires versus limiting what is possible based on the programmed mind.

We have an underlying core program that says ‘we are love’ and then we’ve got the programming that says ‘here’s our opportunity to remind yourselves of that’ by bridging those places that have created a separation. When we operate from the program of love we bridge the gap between perceived separation and the truth of unification.

Love is the act of bridging.

In what ways can we create a bridge within ourselves, with someone else, or with a situation to foster unification rather than separation? Much like Gaia supports our return to love so too are we supported by recent significant energetic shifts.

In the last three months there’s been a closing of the underworld. This means that our unconscious patterns – that programming that separates us from being, receiving and giving love fully – are no longer able to retreat back into the underworld or our subconscious.

All of that information has surfaced and will remain on the surface now that there’s nowhere else for it to go. That which has been unconscious is undeniably playing out in the world for all to see.

We can no longer hide from ourselves or anybody else the programming that causes separation. That which separates us through fear or hate from aspects of ourselves, other races, religions or different lifestyle preferences of any kind, is  right on the surface to be seen, acknowledged and hopefully loved.

With the underworld shut down we get many opportunities to clearly see what  can reintegrate into the unified field of love. There is no other way we can do this now except consciously. Continually ask, ‘How can I bridge that separation?’ When the energy of separation arises resist placing blame, abdicating power or justifying your judgment of it.

Ask to see that belief, person, thought or situation as Love sees it.

Be as gentle with yourself as possible as you stretch beyond where you have loved before. It can feel frightening, disorienting and challenging to let go of our patterns and limitations. Support your internal sense of safety in these times.

Remind yourself that you are safe in this moment. Invite the divine feminine to nurture you and the divine masculine to protect you. Actively create a space of safety for yourself.

We all hold the programming of separation and tend to make ourselves wrong or bad when it surfaces. We tell ourselves we’re not supposed to feel that way because we have been programmed to accept certain emotions and to separate from others. The negative feelings that we have been programmed to separate from actually offer us the greatest opportunities to bridge a gap back to love, provided we are willing to be with them.

Our unconscious patterns are surfacing because the underworld is closed and it is time to consciously live as the love that we are. Everything that arises in us right now – every nasty thought, every fearful condemnation, every possible way we don’t love others and ourselves – is calling for love.

In loving these aspects of separation we are neutralizing and nullifying our programming and returning to our innate program of love.

Every time we bridge that gap between separation and unification through love, we activate the love program for the collective human consciousness. We unify and amplify that field of consciousness that ripples out into this reality as higher vibrational potentials and possibilities for all.

When something like shame, guilt or anger arises within you, meet the feelings in a new way. Specifically, we can deal with that energy without making it a cognitive process by tracking, weaving, rooting or expanding.

Any one of these four pathways may dismantle energy, give you information you need, or simply return you to the program of love. All of them give the mind something to do other than mentally analyzing challenging energies.

Return to the program of love rather than correct the programming.

We do this simply by asking, ‘Will tracking, weaving, rooting or expanding this energy return me to the program of love?’

Then notice what happens.

Tracking may feel like following a thread of seemingly disconnected pieces of information to arrive at the energy’s origin.

Weaving touches on multiple energetic points to draw them together into a more coherent whole.

Rooting is becoming grounded but perhaps in a reference point other than mother earth. Stay open to where you may feel yourself connect deeply.

Expanding stretches consciousness into those times, spaces and dimensions that align the triggering event with the vibration of love. It also includes the phase of integration of those new frequencies into your neurology, psychology and biology.

With the underworld closed, our unconscious patterns are staying on the surface.

Therefore, we have an opportunity like never before to return to the program of love.

Whether you track, weave, root or expand in the face of separation, stay consciously engaged in the process of unification. The more we love beyond what we’ve been able to love before, the easier it is for others to do the same.