Words like “Oneness,” “Unity Consciousness,” and “Totality” are thrown around in the metaphysical community repeatedly, but how do we practically step beyond these words and concepts and actually become what they imply?

I believe the process of “Becoming One” is much more practical and pragmatic then we might suspect.  It’s been my experience that we all cycle through periods of awareness followed by opportunities for integration.

Awareness is available to us at every moment. We experience our lives through our senses and beyond. We are aware, to lesser or greater degrees, of our environments, our thoughts, feelings, and, over time, the patterns of our moment-by-moment lives. My personal experience suggests that once we have a new awareness, that information will cycle through our physical, mental and emotional bodies, and if it is found to be beneficial to the whole, it is integrated, and change occurs.

So, here’s an example. Let’s say I become aware that I repeat a pattern. Once I am aware of that pattern, the awareness will move through my emotional body to be felt 1) for the new potential that it offers and 2) to release the emotional energy that held that pattern in the first place. If I allow myself to feel what rubs against this new awareness, the energy moves into my mental body. From the mental body, I may try to tell my same story, or project that story onto another, so I do not have to change based on the new awareness. If, however, I “hear” the story and re-mind myself that new awareness is attempting to integrate, then the energy will drop down into the physical realm. When it gets to the physical body integration level, I usually find myself aware of how my body responds to that pattern. When I feel the emotion of that pattern or tell the story of it in an “old” way, my body reacts with tension, pain or some form of discomfort. If I acknowledge this as a response to what is trying to be integrated, my body relaxes, does its job and the energy shifts into a new expression or a healthier pattern.

When we start with our focus on our awareness, move through with awareness, and choose from awareness, our lives become unified, whole, and an expression of our totality. This happens not because we “do the right thing” to create the result of wholeness, but because when we place our attention on awareness we are aligned with what we actually are, which is awareness.

When we place all of our attention on the story of our thoughts, feelings, and the physical discomfort experienced, we are moving our consciousness from Being Awareness to the story of our experience. The story and the presence of awareness are two very different realities.

From the moment we arrive on Earth until the moment we leave the body, we are cycling through patterns and imprints from this incarnation and many others.When we begin to focus on being the awareness of our experience instead of the story of the experience, our lives start to change to match our new awareness. Most find change fairly uncomfortable; ironically, however, we are designed to change repeatedly, because we are designed (although not taught) to be aware moment by moment. We come with the observer, and we leave with the observer. To me, the observer merely is us as awareness.

When our lives do not change or improve as we would like them to, it usually is because we are still hanging onto the story of our awareness versus being awareness.

For example, I can be aware that I am unhappy about a particular situation. If I stay in awareness, I can say I am aware that I feel unhappy, if I don’t add anything to that in the form of story, I then become aware that I am lighter, happier. Without the story, we will naturally and organically cycle out of the pattern. It really is that simple. Stay in the awareness, and it will cycle into something else. Our stories or explanations for our experiences are merely excuses to avoid change, which is just like saying it’s our way of avoiding wholeness.

To integrate is to change. To be aware without story is to become whole. To focus on awareness itself versus identifying with what we are aware of creates more presence and deeper levels of transformation.

Where there is a lot of integration going on, there is typically a lot of change. This change can be happening energetically, emotionally, mentally, and at some point, physically. It is not until your physical landscape changes that you can be sure that the pattern is fully integrated.

By physical landscape, I mean your physical condition or daily reality! When patterns are fully integrated through awareness, the pattern no longer exists and thus your life changes!  If things that you would like to change have not transformed, you are in story versus awareness. Choose awareness, choose to feel what arises in awareness, and when you tell yourself ANY story about why things are the way they are, move back to the sensory experience of awareness. In this way, you train yourself back to awareness, back to your totality, back to what you have been all along!