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The perfect place to begin your Awesomism journey. This program focuses on establishing a new understanding of your child and/or the child that you serve. It will help you establish H.O.P.E.—a new paradigm by which to relate to your child –  and to discover the simple yet profound concepts and ideals of Awesomism.

The material in this program is appropriate for parents and/or professionals supporting children diagnosed with autism and any other conditions related to energetic sensitivities.




This series of documents has been carefully compiled specifically to provide a general understanding of Awesomism, as well as basic tools to support your awareness of and connection to the children.

    • The Power Of Positive Communication
    • Establish H.O.P.E.
    • The Map of Consciousness


In addition to providing a wonderful introduction to some of the concepts related to Awesomism, these articles will help you gain a clear understanding of how the children experience the world, as well as how the Awesomism vantage point fits into other more mainstream views.

  • Ten Things Our Children Want Us to Know
  • What’s Going on Inside Our Children
  • Immunizations and Autism
  • Ten Things Western Medical Professionals Should Know About the Children of Awesomism
  • How Your Alignment to Self Affects Your Children



These interviews introduce you to the concepts related to Awesomism. You’ll hear first hand examples of how the children experience the world as well as how Awesomsim fits into other more mainstream views.

  • The Mind Body and Spirit of Mending Autism
  • Intuitive Children Today
  • Awesomism and Blue Star Brilliance
  • The New Way to Understand Autism
  • Autism: Unleashing Our Children’s Potential


Featuring a discussion from a parent’s perspective between Suzy and Certified Practitioner Susan Youshock Pruyn, which addresses the five topics that parents most frequently ask about.

  • Autism vs. Awesomism
  • Behaviors as a Reflection
  • Trusting Yourself
  • Communication before Talking
  • What Behaviors Mean


These pre-recorded teleclasses are filled with wonderful information about Awesomism, and what the children really want you to know. Both of these classes provide a thorough overview of what is in store for you as you progress through this material.

  • Autism to Awesomism
  • What the Children Want You To Know



The Energy Processes in this section are specifically designed to aid you in becoming clear and calm within yourself so that you can better support the children. Remember—the children respond to YOUR energy.

  • Calming Meditaion
  • Basic Lower Chakra Clearing



The journey to Awesomism is one filled with many epiphanies, and many questions. It’s also a journey that you are not taking alone. AWESOMISM I offers you access to the public AWESOMISM Facebook page.




Everyone has a story to tell.  However,  Awesomism stories are different.  They are parables that dare you to flirt with magic andpossibility.
As each story unfolds, you will see how these children can be as wise as Yoda, and at the same time as uncompromising in their unique mission as R2D2.  And I am fortunate enough to be “the scribe” who takes the words of the parent, the teacher, the practitioner, and paints the picture on a sometimes, very, vast canvas.  As you sense my gratitude and love for these children let it empower you, inspire you, and catapult you—-to know and be who you really are.
Terrie Curry
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