Awesomism: A Journey Into Consciousness

Awesomism is and always has been an opportunity to engage in a very personal exploration of self. The self -awareness gained through the process is as individualized as it is real, meaning that each participant experiences noticeable change is who they perceive themselves to be and how they function in the world.

Awesomism is an invitation to step fully into your unique expression of self as well as honor the unique and gifted expressions of others. We are ALL more than we perceive ourselves to be. Awesomism practitioners, facilitators and team members experience that as an ever-evolving truth!

Here is a beautiful depiction of Awesomism by team member and core practitioner Elif Poshor.


Suzy Miller


I see the path of Awesomism as a journey into consciousness (which would encompass me “the individual”, humanity, the universe and the source of All That Is). It is a journey, which flows from the Collective Consciousness of the Children to Self-Mastery to “I Am”.

These steps do not fix Awesomism into a solid linear structure but rather, describe our continuously evolving journeys as practitioners- better described as our paths of exploration up until now.  I hope that by sharing my own awareness I might answer some of the questions of a wider audience interested in Awesomism.

In general, Awesomism brings together a unique combination of content, energetic processes and people which makes it possible to gain awareness of self in a loving, fun and easy way, as we anchor more deeply into our own unique being.  Let me open this up further and give you a view from my experience…

Level 1 and 2 of the Awesomism Process are focused on Collective Consciousness of the Children and Self-Mastery.

Level 3 is focused on Self Mastery and access to refined aspects of self beyond the consciousness of the children.

The Core level of Awesomism focuses on Vastness of Being and/or our “I Am” Expression.

To me the whole process is represented as 3 concentric spheres, whereby we have our awesome children as the center sphere, within the sphere of self-mastery and then within the sphere of “I am” – the vastness of being, the Source.

Although in theory, we start with the consciousness of the children and move through self-mastery and then to “I am”, our process is not sequential or linear, but rather a pulling into focus of that aspect which is most supportive in accessing and embodying more of Who We Are at any point in the journey.

Through the Lens of The Children as a focus in Level 1 and 2

When I look at both Suzy’s personal journey in bringing Awesomism to life and its evolution, as well as my own journey as a practitioner and player in the Awesomism space, I can clearly say that working with the consciousness of the  children has been critical to open, bring into awareness and literally speed up my own evolution.  Remembering how to access the collective consciousness of the children, diagnosed with autism and other sensitivities, has supported my own  ascending and descending process.

The core soul purpose of these children as they tell and demonstrate to us over and over, is to help us expand and embody a fuller version of Who We Are by:

Accepting all our different aspects,

  • Going beyond limitations and definitions of all sorts, and,
  • Helping us experience a fuller, more heart-centered human experience through teaching “being fully present to what is”.

They force us by way of their “being”ness to move from a predetermined world of identities and polarities to a unified multiverse of mystery and gifts, flowering in a space held by love.  As we are able to hold that space of love for ourselves and for others, including our children, more of these beautiful children and more of humanity are able to step into that loving presence and consciousness in their own physical experience.

To me, this unique journey of embodying a fuller expression of myself held in a coherent loving space of potentials and possibilities is the heart of Awesomism. 

And this is exactly why with their pivotal roles as catalysts of evolution I would put the children into the center of these spheres.  This is also why connection with these children is foundational to the Levels 1 and 2 processes in Awesomism.

It is no surprise then that we reference back to their wisdom over and over, wherever we are in our journey of love and sovereignty.   To me, the following quote makes it evident as to why the children are at the core of this process.

“Self-love is mandatory but is not what people think. Self-love is the willingness throughout all aspects of self to grow into and to be present with WHAT IS for the awareness that it has to offer. Awareness brings coherence in all of these aspects of self until those aspects become one and then sovereignty is available, uniqueness. Physical children will always push the buttons of self-love and ask you to be OK or in coherence with what is. They do this for the reason of supporting our return to sovereignty. In this newest generation, the children may appear disconnected from the adults in their life to one degree or another, but this is purposeful. They are attempting to remain sovereign to the best of their ability.”

—Collective Consciousness of the Children via Suzy Miller

Personally, as someone who has come to Awesomism neither as a parent nor a professional working with these children but as someone who feels strongly connected to this consciousness, working with these awesome children has truly brought a new sense of connection to the world for me.  I am in joy and awe of  their wisdom and so grateful for these majestic examples of the new world frequency who help us move towards a deeper love just by their presence alone.

Through the Lens of Self-Mastery as a focus in Level 3

In Suzy Miller’s words the broader work of Awesomism is really an invitation to Show Who You Really Are and that to me is also the core of this journey into Self-Mastery and into the unity consciousness of  “I Am”.  We can only show Who We Really Are, if we are aware of and can coherently integrate and embody our different aspects. This exactly is the territory and journey of self-mastery. It is the exploration of the potentials and possibilities coming through deepening our connection to various aspects of being.  Here for me, the awesomeness of the Awesomism process comes into play as a continuous conversation and play between our multidimensional aspects and human experience. This “play” is held and shared in a coherent container of absolute love and safety provided by the Awesomism family.

Here below are some key examples of processes offered through this level of conversation:

  • Bringing the physical, mental, emotional bodies into coherence and then building coherence with all dimensional bodies
  • Exploring our multidimensionality in order to access, embody and bring to life more of our unique gifts and self-mastery
  • Connecting with the innocence of the inner child as an access point to our vastness of being
  • Connecting with the Divine Feminine as the loving and safe container to bring into balance and merge the masculine and feminine and anchor into unity consciousness

Again, the core of all these Awesomism processes is its focus on embodying more fully Who we Are, not as an experience out or up there but rather right here right now in the body – our multidimensional Divine Being merging with the Human Experience.

Therefore, accessing our multidimensionality is not an escape from our human lives but is used as a tool or pathway for bringing all of who we are to our physical human experience. This is an opportunity to anchor more joyfully in being here and now.

Through the Lens or I AM Expression as a Focus within Core

In the Core Level of Awesomism, this embodiment truly starts to become a state of being.

In my experience, the sharing among the practitioners is such a key part of this process.  Through group conversations and deep energetic connections we see first hand how our inner integrations are interacting with the outer landscape. How the integration of different aspects and new energies shows up in our human daily lives?  Sharing in this respect has been critical in observing the evolution of this integration/embodiment and in guiding the energy work to bring us individually as well as a group to more coherence.

For me, this sharing and unique loving space held by people in Awesomism has made it possible for me to step out of my “perceived” limitations and wounds with courage and vulnerability and step more into my being.  This sharing also allows us to see wonderfully how we each bring our unique pieces of the puzzle. Through the energy work and conversations it is clear that we each contribute to the group coherence and beauty of the whole.  The experience of this space has made the concept of unity consciousness or oneness a reality for me – a reality that can be experienced in a coherent, safe, loving space of conscious heart-centered individuals. A beautiful demonstration of co-creation and magic in the making!

I am in constant awe, gratitude and wonder of how Awesomism changes and supports our connection to our individual being, to each other, to humanity and all of life. It constantly reminds and shows the potentials and possibilities for each and as a whole, as we open to more of the love that we are.

Again none of the experiences and expressions within Awesomism are linear and nothing is held back from the process in the moment that it is required. It truly is an ever-evolving journey!

By Elif Poshor