I’ve been pretty silent through this whole virus pandemic for two very good reasons. The first is that our focused energy is very powerful and literally creates matter. Why do you think every media outlet on the planet is focusing our energy as it is? What we put our attention on becomes our experience. We know what agendas are playing out by the outcome it creates. Thus the agenda of mainstream media might be fear, as it seems to be creating a lot of it.  There clearly is also an agenda to clean up this planet, as the outcome seems to be smog free cities and animals in places  where we rarely see them. The second reason why I have not said much is because any opinion that I would have is just that, an opinion. Adding to speculation, although interesting and even resonant in some cases, feels like a waste of my time.

If we had any idea at all of who we really were, then this virus would be a mute issue as would all the agendas intertwined within it.  Is everything on this planet love and light, of course not. Is it all dark and terrible, of course not.

We live on a planet of contrast, not so we can figure it out and take sides, but ultimately to re-member that we are that which is aware of the light and the dark. We are both and, not either or. We are the ocean not the wave.

Our lives are filled with waves. Every experience that we have, be it perceived as positive or negative, is a wave that came out of the collective consciousness that we each are. Right now we are in the middle of a hugely transformative collective wave and that wave has come out of our collective consciousness. Our souls collectively requested it, right? How it plays out however has everything to do with what aspects of it we add our energy to.

Are there multiple agendas going on at the moment? Yes of course. With billions of people on this planet, especially a minority that is used to getting their way, it makes sense that there is a desire to maintain false authority. We are having a collective experience, but make no mistake we are not individually having the same experience. We each have our own lens. The Bill Gates of the world have their lens, big pharma has their lens, those who hold the highest and best interest for all involved have their lens, people who believe in the virus, don’t believe, think it’s good, think it’s bad all have a lens and everyone (through their lens) believes that they are correct.

The tricky thing is that none of us can see what we can’t see. None of us knows the whole picture, because we are pieces of the it. It is only together that we experience the whole picture.

We don’t know what is hidden within us nor do we know what has been hidden within the collective. We don’t know why we believe what we believe or experience what we experience. We can’t see the unconscious patterns that are creating our life experience unless we willingly notice the reflections around us and take some form of responsibility for them. We need each other to see ourselves. It’s the great blessing of being human.

So regardless of what is going on in any given moment, we have a few choices. We can pay attention to the wave (this virus is a big one) and wonder why it is happening. We can be present to the wave and notice all that it brings up for us, thus getting some self-awareness out of it or we can identify with the ocean, understanding that all waves come out of the totality of what we are for the benefit of reminding us that we are not the waves.

I believe that right now we have the opportunity to feel things we have never felt before, deeply question what is real to us and reflect on what has been created thus far to determine where we want to go next.  We are each reconfiguring our part of the big picture. 

I bet that a vast majority of the population is currently requesting (consciously or unconsciously) freedom, awareness and health and well-being. I bet the vast majority are seeing a oneness that they never saw before. I bet we are all calling forth deeper intentions than ever before and thus we know that our next iteration of experience will be collectively different than life as it is now. It will have expanded our requests and thus evolved.

My request since this pandemic experience started is to wake me up to what I am, to see the aspects of myself that could benefit from integration and honor the parts that have already evolved. I can put myself in another’s shoes and see why they might have a different request, and I suspect that everyone’s requests is expanding and thus we will collectively expand. How we experience that expansion is up to us. They say that the best of times and the worst of times are always the same time, and of course that has everything to do with the lens.

If I could invite you to anything in the multiverse, I would like to invite you to re-member what you are. You are the ocean, not the wave. You are an invitation to something beyond what you have known before. You are everything you would like for yourself and for this world! It’s all there inside of you…so it’s probably wise that we “go home and stay inside” at least long enough to reclaim who we are. Then, with that inner authority realized,  take whatever action that naturally arises out of our own self-awareness.