The Journey Back to Love

Makes being here easier, loving yourself your predominate focus and integrating your gifts a joyful experience.

  • Have you been on a spiritual journey and know yourself to be more than just your body, mind and emotions, yet continue to find it hard to love and enjoy yourself, your experiences and life in general?

  • Have you had a variety of interesting multidimensional experiences, yet continue to find it uncomfortable to be here on planet earth?

  • Did you experience childhood challenges and sensitivities that continue to play out as patterns in your current life?

From the beginning of our life experience until our last breath, we are given one opportunity after another to love beyond what we thought we could love.

The program for these opportunities came with us into this human incarnation. We typically perceive the experience of these programs as our core wounding. However, it is more likely that these experiences simply set the foundation for us to engage in a deeper exploration of love.

There are typically at least three phases of development or ways in which we respond to these patterns before coming to the awareness offered in this course.

Initially, we believe that life is happening to us and that to love and be loved we need to fix ourselves and or those around us.

Once we broaden our understanding of love, we enter the second phase of development, which usually entails self-examination to understand the cause of any negative thoughts and feelings we may have about ourselves, as well as the cyclical nature of specific patterns in our lives.

The third phase of development sends us deeper into more refined aspects of Self in an attempt to understand and unravel our patterns. Many of us traverse multi-universes in search of a more evolved version of ourselves, as well as a broader perspective of our human experiences, which arises from a desire to experience love in the way that we knew was possible when we arrived on planet Earth.

We realize that love really does have to start with us and that regardless of what we've learned about ourselves, what experiences we’ve had, or where we've traveled in the multiverse, our patterns will remain until we love those aspects of Self that we were programmed to believe are unlovable.

For many, this is where the journey stops; perhaps because it feels easier to explore an idealized concept of love than it is to apply it in a grounded, everyday life kind of way.

This, however, is where your journey begins! This is where you, the everyday avatar, learns to love the whole of your life experience, sees through the eyes of innocence and turns the corner, consciously choosing to descend back into your human experience, bringing everything you have learned and loved about yourself to the world.

Excerpted from The Journey Back to Love: Series Foundation

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Who Will Benefit From This Series?

This series is for all of you brave, gifted, highly sensitive souls who are willing to bring all the love that you are to this time in history and therefore live the potential that you knew could be when still in your innocence.  It's for those willing to create a world where no one has to lose the power of their innocence as they gain life experience.

It is for those of you who seek to create safe, love-filled spaces for others, but first and foremost are willing to create an inner love-filled presence for yourself.



Seeking a Safe Space

Highly sensitive souls such as you and I often expand into the spiritual world to find the refuge and support that was missing in our early human experiences. As we spend most of our time and energy focused on the spiritual world, we easily gain extensive access to immaterial realities that remain inaccessible to people who live mostly in the human world. Many of us have special gifts such as telepathy, multidimensional sight, psychic powers, shamanic visions, or auditory messages from beyond the ego, access to healing capacities, uncanny intuitive wisdom, etc., but we find it very hard to be in our bodies and in the world.  It can also seem like no matter what worlds or dimensions of ourselves we explore, we still find it hard to realize the love that we are, and even more challenging to fully express that love in the very world that we sought refuge from in the first place.



Series Description

In this process it is assumed that you are already whole, there is nothing to fix; you simply have yet to fully remember and/or integrate the Love That You Are as part of your human experience. This series will offer a shift in perception through information, energy work and practices guided by your avatar self, or that part of you that has already descended fully into the human experience as the Love That You Are!

The Many Benefits of This Series

  • This series is designed to support your full descent as the Love That You Are by:

  • This series will open up your ability to:

  • Creating a safe space for your gifts and innocence to coexist

  • Make choices that hold the highest integrity of love for yourself and others

  • Clearing mental/emotional confusion

  • Short circuit negative recurrent life patterns

  • Understanding your spiritual gifts as they relate to your humanity

  • Learn to trust your body again

  • Calming your sensory system

  • Consciously choose your mental/emotional state

  • Reprogramming your life path as one of Love

  • Express yourself as the Love That You Are

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Series Schedule

Next Cycle of Journey Back to Love Begins Tuesday, March 20, 2018
This twelve-week series is offered at 9:00 AM  Pacific Time every
Tuesday between March 13th and May 29th. (Time Zone Converter).
It is held via zoom with details available upon registration. 
Calls are approximately 90 minutes in length and all sessions will be recorded and available on our member site within 24 hours of the call!


  • 1

    SESSION ONE: MARCH 20, 2018

    Your Catalyst for Change and Mine
    In this session, we will review the reasons for your spiritual journeys and what you were truly seeking when you set out on them. We will also create the necessary safe space required to allow you to receive (by the end of this twelve-week course) what you went looking for.

Our catalysts for undertaking a spiritual journey differ, yet they often include some type of human life trauma. If this trauma is left unhealed, our spiritual journey grants us access to valuable gifts and talents, but does not result in the internal sense of love and peace that we sought when we embarked on that journey!—Suzy Miller

  • 2

    SESSION TWO: MARCH 27, 2018

    Shifting From Core Wound to Soul Gift
    This session will review the goals of your soul for this incarnation. You will be reintroduced to the avatar within and reconfigure the story of your core wound to that of your soul’s perspective, reorienting the energy of past experiences to your greatest gifts.

Our challenges are often assumed to be expressions of life and love working against us. But what if love has always been working for you... even when your life experiences felt less than perfect?—Suzy Miller

  • 3


    Allowing All of Your Life Experience
    This session will review our perceptions around the other-worldly gifts and experiences we have obtained on life's journey. You will learn how to use these gifts to unify yourself and to support unity with others. We will remove hidden patterns within your subconscious that create separation (lack of love) through strong beliefs and perceptions of right and wrong.

Our other-worldly gifts are given as a reminder of Who We Really Are. However, if not integrated with our humanity, they can often create a sense of separation or alienation.—Suzy Miller

  • 4

    SESSION FOUR: APRIL 10, 2018

    Using Your Outer World as a Map
    In this session, we will take a loving look at what your outer world is reflecting regarding your inner life. You will learn how to use your gifts to overcome your weaknesses and create a personal methodology to love yourself back to your avatar expression.

Our outer lives are continually gifting us with the awareness of what has yet to be loved within us. The moment we see the patterns of our lives as a gift, is the moment we begin to use our gifts to overcome our weaknesses.—Suzy Miller


  • 5

    SESSION FIVE: APRIL 17, 2018

    Descending into Form
    In this session, we will address the various aspects of Self that are continually walking in and out of the driving seat of our human experience. You will gain awareness of how this happens and how you can consciously choose to work with these new aspects of Self to build a healthy, loving life experience.

Many are talking about ascension at this time. However, ascension requires that all aspects of Self "descend" or be integrated as part of our human experience. In this way, our descension becomes the catalyst for a collective human ascension.—Suzy Miller

  • 6

    SESSION SIX: APRIL 24, 2018

    Calming the Central Nervous System
    In this session, we will address fight/flight/freeze responses. You will eliminate the energetic patterns that cause you to become mentally/emotionally confused or re-traumatized each time you gain access to more of who you are, and create a more refined sensory system capable of embodying the love you came here to be!

Many of the most spiritually gifted people on this planet suffer from overactive sensory systems. These overactive systems are taxing to the mental, emotional and physical bodies and if not understood can prevent us from fully utilizing the gifts that we have!—Suzy Miller

  • 7

    SESSION SEVEN: MAY 1, 2018

    Feeling What You Feel
    In this session, we will address how to use your feeling body to guide your life choices, and how to trust the process even when it feels less than perfect. You will energetically return to a neutral emotional body so that love can be more readily received and expressed! This session will also offer you the opportunity to choose your vibrational state by seeing your experiences through the lens of love.

As humans, we have been conditioned to like certain feelings and suppress others versus using our feelings as the guidance system they were intended to be. We are meant to feel good, but when we don't it does not mean we are ‘wrong,’ it means we have a choice to make.—Suzy Miller

  • 8

    SESSION EIGHT: MAY 8, 2018

    Clearing Your Mind
    The more awareness and/or multidimensional skill sets you possess, the greater your potential for confusion relating to your thoughts, identities, and reality.
    In this session, you will return to a neutral mental body so that you can perceive with integrity that which you receive. You will also remember how to impact the collective mind positively and thus create a more stable reality for yourself.

The calmer your mind, the quieter your thoughts.The greater your clarity, the deeper your capacity for love.—Suzy Miller

  • 9

    SESSION NINE: MAY 15, 2018

    Trusting Your Body
    In this session, we will address the gift of having a body, kundalini awakenings, and sensuality as a loving expression of self. We will energetically eliminate shame programmed into your body.
    Reorienting your life force to higher expressions of love, you will neutralize out-dated cellular memories and learn to trust yourself with the well-being of your body.

Your full embodiment as love is all but impossible until you learn to trust your ability to relate to your body.—Suzy Miller


  • 10

    SESSION TEN: MAY 22, 2018

    Expressing Fearlessly
    This session will focus on the permission needed to acknowledge your avatar self and the gifts that come with it. It will integrate your experience with your innocence and establish your state of BEING as your reference point, supporting your ability to communicate from that state as opposed to communicating from your identity.

What you express from love can be heard by anyone!—Suzy Miller

  • 11

    SESSION ELEVEN: MAY 29, 2018

    Being Here Now
    This session will focus on being with what is in all aspects of your life. You will energetically create your avatar (Self as Love) template at a neurological, psychological and biological level, supporting your integrated embodiment as love.
    Note: This session will include both group and individualized energy work to support your integration. Please plan to have at least an hour to yourself afterward so that your new template can take hold.

 Your full embodiment is your greatest gift to humanity and yourself.—Suzy Miller

  • 12


    Your Brand New Reality: Creating from Love
    This session supports your ability to trust yourself fully as the love that you are. It supports your awareness that love is all there is and enhances your capacity to create from that awareness. In this session, you will energetically balance your capacity to give and receive love in such a way that you create ongoing flow of love through your human experience.

Live your life fearlessly as the Love that you are, and nothing but love can come back to you!—Suzy Miller


  • i


    This is a recording of a song from the Divine Mother made up of tones and light language. It is designed to be used prior to each weekly session to open your innate innocence and receptivity to the Love That You Are. It can also be used to soothe and restore your trust in that innocence at any stage of your journey.

  • i


    Upon registration, you will receive several articles to support and enhance your experience of the information and energy work shared on the calls.

  • i


    Helpful practices and weekly energetic support will be offered throughout the series based on the needs of the collective consciousness of the group.

Get to Know Your Facilitator

Suzy Miller

Hear What Suzy Has to Say About Series.

Suzy Miller is a visionary speaker, author, telepathic communicator, multidimensional seer and founder of the groundbreaking Awesomism Practitioner Process and Everyday Avatar: The Journey Back to Love Series.

A former Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist, with a Masters Degree in Education, Suzy pioneered a shift in the perception of autism from an individual “disorder” to a collective revolution in human consciousness and has been playing in the field of leading edge consciousness ever since.

Throughout her long career, Suzy has collaborated with professionals in a variety of fields from psychology, social work, mainstream education and medicine to leading edge scientists, metaphysicians, healers and new thought leaders.

She twice collaborated with Dr. William Tiller, Professor Emeritus Stanford University and featured physicist in the movie “What The Bleep…” spearheading both The Autism Intention Healing Experiment as well as an experiment for the elevation of collective human consciousness.

A lifelong student of consciousness, Suzy has personally facilitated the growth and mastery of hundreds of Awesomism practitioners and thousands of private clients worldwide. In addition to continuing to support the full integration of unhealed aspects of Self through private sessions and the Journey Back to Love Series. She currently offers her awareness, experiences and support through private sessions, workshops, articles, speaking engagements, and live events!

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