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Dear Awesomism Supporters,

If Awesomism has touched your life in some way, please consider contributing to the Awesomism Scholarship Fund. 100% of the money from this fund goes to support parents, professionals and others interested in a more conscious view of our newest populations. Awesomism practitioners literally are out in the world changing consciousness in very real ways! Help us help them do what they have come here to do! I have no doubt that humanity will reap the benefit of your contribution as collective awareness of the children and higher states of collective consciousness bloom in the most awesome ways through the Awesomism Practitioner Process.

In Gratitude,


Make a Donation to the Awesomism Scholarship FundClick here to make a donation.

Special Thanks to Linda Cromer, Level Three Practitioner for conceiving of and implementing the Awesomism Scholarship Fund.


Purchase Inspiration BraceletPercentage of proceeds directly support the scholarship fund.

Message of Inspiration

Inspiration fills the depths of my spirit as I remember who I am, and am ignited by the reflection of divinity deep inside of my being. Lifted by the certainty that anything is possible, I free myself from all thoughts of limitation and allow the spark of creativity to uncover both my presence and purpose. Moving with passion, my natural abilities rise effortlessly to the surface, carrying me forward with grace, as I share my love with the world.

Our journey with Suzy began in the late part of 2014. While our energetically sensitive son had already begun moving us to look at life in a different way, and to explore options previously unknown to us, it wasn’t until hearing Suzy speak for the first time that real hopefulness was truly felt on all levels. Within moments of understanding her unique approach to working with these special children – through fresh eyes and inspired vision – we were called to become a part of this powerful community of parents and professionals.

Suzy’s philosophy has opened up our ways of thinking and being, and encouraged us to move more deeply onto our own paths of self-mastery. As a sincere “Thank You” for all we have received as a result of the Awesomism movement, Essence Bracelets has created the “Inspiration” bracelet to honor all of the amazing work being done around the world!

Thank you, Suzy, for inspiring and for bringing the Essence of “Inspiration” to life!

With our deepest gratitude,

Lesley Cameron

Founder, Essence Bracelets

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