Seven Principles for Professionals of Awesomism KidsCo-Created by Suzy Miller and Marisa Leon, Awesomism Core Practitioner and Offered by Marisa Leon

The Seven Principles in Seven Weeks

(plus extra bonus week!)

This eight-week course is held two times per year in February and October.
All sessions are held via Teleconference Call and are approximately 1 1/2 hours in length.

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Energetically Sensitive Versus Medical Diagnosis

  • What is energetic sensitivity?

  • How does energetic sensitivity impact a child’s ability to function?

  • What does a medical diagnosis actually mean?

  • What are the positive and not so positive impacts of energetic sensitivity?


Trained to See What is Wrong

  • Learn how your approaches to therapy may be perpetuating the diagnosis?

  • How do you open a space for potential and possibility?

  • How does your resistance to a child impact their progress?

  • What does parental optimism have to do with your success as a therapist/educator?


Being Change Versus Doing Technique

  • How does your personal life impact your professional one?

  • What role does presence play in the therapy/educational setting?

  • What is Self-awareness and coherence?

  • Why do your feelings matter when working with these children?


Integration Versus Remediation

  • What is integration?

  • What are the characteristics of varying degrees of integration?

How can you support integration?

  • What role does remediation play in helping a child be here?


Effective Approaches to Enhancing Communication

  • How can play facilitate communication?

  • How do demands on a child undermine their communication?

  • How do your expectations impact communication?

  • How does willingness to express who you are support communication?


Supportive Techniques for Socialization

  • How does structure impact socialization?

  • What are you modeling socially?

  • What does being funny have to do with supporting socialization?

  • How can conversation be a game?


Clear Co-Creation with Parents

  • What is the parental spectrum?

How does your confidence impact successful co-creation?

  • What do parents know that you need to hear?

  • What role does modeling play in empowering parents?


Your Integration and Daily Practice

  • The final call will include a discussion of personal practices to support your continued integration of this course material.

Sample Week Three "Being Change Versus Doing Technique"Simply Click Here To View The Course Document

Get to Know Your Facilitator

Marisa Leon

Marisa was born an energetically-sensitive child and has always had a fascination with different forms of communication. As a child, she frequently asked her parents questions about Spanish and pretended she knew sign language after she saw Marlee Matlin on Sesame Street.

Studying communication sciences and disorders at the University of Texas at Austin was the perfect fit. There she completed all four courses in American Sign Language and earned a Bachelor of Science degree. She went on to earn a Master of Arts degree at Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, TX. She has been a practicing speech-language pathologist ever since.

It did not take long before she sensed something she could not explain was going on with children diagnosed with autism. Her first thought regarding what might be happening was these children were born with an innate knowledge verbal communication is not necessary. They were communicating in so many different ways, showing a high level of intelligence and established social connections with her.

She was successful in helping children find ways to communicate using traditional speech therapy techniques, be it verbal communication, sign language, writing, use of letters, assistive technology or a combination of different ways. She kept her ideas to herself throughout the years as other professionals she interacted with in the field did not share her perspective.

Her interest in quantum physics was the bridge to finding Awesomism. She had seen What the Bleep Do You Know, starring Marlee Matlin, and her curiosity on the topic never ceased. Years later, after watching another quantum documentary in which Dr. William Tiller was interviewed, she was compelled to look up his Facebook page as he was also interviewed in What the Bleep. There she saw Suzy Miller's picture next to the words, “former pediatric speech-language pathologist.” Clicking the link changed the course of her professional and personal life.

Now, following years of experience as a speech-language pathologist, becoming an Awesomism Core Practitioner and a lifetime of energetic-sensitivity, her intention is to support other professionals make conscious shifts within themselves creating a space of limitless potential and possibility benefiting the professional, the children and their families in new, paradigm shifting ways.


Marisa Describes This Course To YouClick here to read now!

This course is designed to share a new perspective of what autism is and what our role is as professionals in the lives of the children and families we serve. The ultimate key to having great success in your work with these highly gifted children is making a shift in awareness within yourself and establishing greater connections with higher states of your own being. Each week will demonstrate how Self-awareness and personal coherence facilitates remarkable outcomes regarding what is expected from us as professionals.

You will also learn what it is to be an energetically-sensitive child as opposed to a disordered child with a medical diagnosis and how to hold this awareness in your work environment. It can be difficult to find a way to share and communicate to other professionals and parents who do not share this new perspective. I will support you in communicating with others from this new perspective in a way that will help them receive the information we share, as well as how you can receive information they share from their perspectives. All perspectives are true. This course will help you know how to hold a space that integrates all pieces of information presented by our fellow professionals and by parents which ultimately benefits the children, their families and you!

You will learn techniques and approaches, which facilitate continued presence and coherence within yourself, which lead to higher states of consciousness. This will create a whole new space for the children and parents you serve to enter into new potentials and possibilities.

It has taken many years of making mistakes, learning what works and practicing presence to be able to develop this course. I am excited to share with you all I have learned on my Awesomism journey as a practicing speech-language pathologist.

It's continues to be a fun, joyful and Awesome experience.



Listen as Marisa shares on a recorded LIVE call about why she is offering this course and answers questions from a variety of different professionals.

Your Personal Invitation From Suzy

Read Your Invitation From SuzyClick here to read letter!

Dear Professionals,

Thank you for your interest in this course. The course itself was created, in collaboration, by Speech-Language Pathologist Marisa Leon based on her professional experience and the direct application of the principles offered through Awesomism and myself.

This eight-week course is geared to support YOU as the professional of energetically sensitive children, and YOU as a powerful agent of conscious change!

Marisa works directly with children diagnosed with autism and other energetic sensitivities as well supports educators and parents to better understand this population beyond the label!

My own background as a Speech-Language Pathologist taught me that working with this population has a lot more to do with who you are being while you are with them and less to do with what you are doing! To truly understand these children, why they are here and what matters most to them is the first step in serving them.

Marisa has taken awareness of energetic sensitivities to a whole new level, offering clear, concise information, through experience about what positively supports these children in therapeutic and educational settings. She is one of the most intuitively gifted therapist I have met and the development of her own mastery as witnessed through the Awesomism practitioner process has been thrilling the watch unfold! She is an amazing representation of Awesomism in action!

Enjoy the Journey,

Suzy Miller


Watch Video Invitation From SuzyClick here to watch video!

 Course Benefits

  • Building a community of trailblazers

    Upon registration you will be added to a private Facebook page for fellow Awesomism professionals on similar journeys. It is a space you can share experiences, ask questions and support one another. Marisa will moderate this group.

  • Sharing real-life stories

    Marisa will share stories from her time with children offering an insight into what is possible when applying the principals offered in the course.

  • Intimate group setting with direct coaching

    No more than 12 participants per call will allow for personal and direct coaching with Marisa. Sharing your experiences and perspectives can spark new levels of awareness for everyone in the group resulting in coherent, expansive conversation.

  • Shift in perspective

    Shifting your perspective from working with children to being with yourself will result in remarkable and positive changes in your own life and in the lives of the children and families you serve.

 Course Pricing and Registration

Register for Seven Principles for Professionals of Awesomism KidsClick here to register for $285.00 to attend this course.

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What Others Are Sharing About This Course

It has been such an honor and a growing experience to have been a part of this group!!!

Eva, ST

I wanted to share with you that after listening to Marisa during this course and applying these principles, Ive seen positive changes in my students.

One of the twins grabbed my hand and made me touch his face, he also kissed me and smiled at me.  He is usually serious and distant, so I felt he is integrating more. His brother also said words or phrases, such us, "hi bird", "help me", and both are improving in typing with facilitated communication.

"C", one of the twins, has been sitting at the lap of the lead teacher and is being more sociable. This happened after I acknowledged her work at school, and that she could verbalize how she was feeling before. Thank you Marisa for your advice.

It was created in the energy of the classroom, and it has had positive results!

- Malena, paraprofessional