Awesomism Core Practitioner Process

One Focus


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    The full expression of coherent collective aspects of self through our neurology, psychology and physiology as a conscious demonstration of a new human potential.

Course Schedule

This fourteen week process is held three times per year and starts the first week of the following months: February, June and October.

This process is by invitation only. The collective coherent consciousness of the group dictates the focus and direction of the energy processes.

All sessions are held via Teleconference Call and are approximately 1 1/2 - 2 hours in length.

The details and processes of this course are confidential and available on member site upon registration.


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    There is a thirty minute private session with Suzy built into your Core level experience and is designed to be used during the process if you require personalized support related to the information offered.


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    Guest Speaker Calls

    Suzy will invite you to all the Awesomism Practitioner Process Guest Speaker calls to assist and enhance your process. These calls are open to all Practitioners currently in a process and are announced in the monthly "What's Up with AWEPP" monthly practitioner newsletter.

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    Discounted Private Sessions with Suzy

    While in the practitioner process you have access to Suzy and receive a 35% discount on all private consultations.

Your Facilitator

Suzy Miller

This process is consistently supported by Suzy Miller with a focus on the collective coherence of the group, however it quickly includes the coherent multidimensional mastery of all participants.

Core Practitioner Course Pricing and Registration

Two Payment Option
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    (Initial $1050 followed by another $1050 in 2 months)

    Total $2100.00

    One Payment Option
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      Four Payment Option
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        (Initial $950 followed by $450/mth for 3 months)

        Total $2300.00

        You also have the opportunity to take Core Process for a second time for a deeper experience at the reduced rate of $695.00.  If you have already completed the Core Process once before, CLICK HERE to register for a Deeper Second Experience.

        Upon registration, you will have full access to the Awesomism Practitioner’s member site.