Payment for the Autism Intention Experiment will be due by November 27, 2012. Total cost of this research project for one full year is $250.00 per child and per residence. That means the following:

  • Two children registered for this project who live in the same home require individual payments of $250.00 each.
  • A parent who wishes to participate but does not live with the child, either part- time or full- time, can pay $250.00 to have the intentions broadcast to their home.
  • There is no additional charge for two parents living in the same home. Each parent listed on your preregistration form will receive the broadcasted intention.


PayPal payments will be listed as Autism Intention Experiment Research Project and will be collected by Blue Star Brilliance LLC owned by Suzy Miller M.Ed.,C.C.C. There will be a $7.00 processing fee to use PayPal.

Please use this Paypal button to register for the experiment with a payment of $257.00 ($250.00 for the experiment and $7.00 PayPal processing fee) using the guidelines above.