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Welcome to Awesomism! This website is dedicated to the NEW children and your ability to understand and connect with them to support their fullest expression.

Regardless of diagnosis (Autism, ASD, A.D.D. or A.D.H.D) or your current perception, these children are beyond our experience of different. Collectively and individually they have a plan. From a soul/spirit vantage point, I am constantly amazed at what the children diagnosed on the autism spectrum are capable of, the direction they are attempting to take us and the multi-layered impact they are having on us all. At a physical, emotional and mental level, children diagnosed with autism and other conditions related to energetic sensitivities present with the significant challenge of being here in their physical bodies while attempting to maintain the truth of who they are.

Children diagnosed with autism and other energetic sensitivities experience difficulty being present here for three primary reasons:

  1. They are attempting to embody an energy that has never been available within the human condition and they truly do not understand the process.
  2. The frequency they require in order to fully embody is no-less than the frequency of LOVE.
  3. The current state of our collective consciousness is still ruled by the lower three chakras and includes fear, separation from Self, and limitation. This is unacceptable to who they are!

Your greatest gift to them and to yourselves is being aligned to yourself - body, mind, and soul. This particular alignment process is vibrational in nature and although it may be a foreign concept to some, it is far from simply metaphysical. When we truly understand how energy works and how it impacts children diagnosed with autism and all energetically sensitive children then everything changes. We change, they change, and humanity changes!

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Suzy Miller, interviewed by Sandie Sedgbeer on The Virtual Light Broadcast shares information regarding The Awesomism Certification Process